Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Luzern, Switzerland

My husband and I traveled to Switzerland in September. We arrived in Lucerne four days before our tour began, so we had lots of time to explore this very beautiful city! I took the time to capture some scenes with my pens, ink and watercolors! I barely scratched the surface of all the subjects there were to sketch in that fabulous city!

I sat on a bench on the bridge to sketch this scene. The horse and cart came up this street several times, which gave me a chance to fine tune the horses, colors, proportions, and shapes. It’s still just an impression of the scene. 

This was the scene from our hotel room. It’s so interesting how each building is a different style and snuggled so close together! We could actally see the river from our window, though not a scene worth sketching. 

I took a long time to sketch this scene of the old city of Luzern along the River Ruess.There are actually two bridges in view, the one in front with rod iron railings and the old iconic covered wooden bridge and tower directly behind.

Luzern had the most interesting towers and metal flags or symbols atop the towers than any city I’ve been to. 

I hiked up a path outside the old city one afternoon, to find this vantage point of what looked like a fortified city wall with three towers. I learned later that the wall was only built by the aristocracy to look like it was used to protect the city though it was not.