Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Camping at Lake Pend O'reille, Idaho

I sketched the big rigs pulling in and setting up while we sat relaxed with our cups of coffee. We camped at Lake Pend O'reille in northern Idaho with Dana and Adam and their two dogs, Bentley and Bueller. I love trying to sketch these scenes from real life, even though each time I start out, I'm quite overwhelmed. To me, this is more special than taking a photograph, although I take many of those too. Lake Pend O'reille is absolutely beautiful. I sketched that scene on a different day. The trees and mountains around the whole area are amazing! We hiked, played games, went on walks, ate good food, built a camp fire, and spent most of five days outdoors in the beautiful sunny weather. Can't wait to go back someday soon!


  1. Just thought I would comment and say great theme, did you make it on your own? Looks really good! Kyani

    1. Thank you Robin. Yes, I sat at our picnic table to sketch and watercolor this scene. I use a waterproof ink pen to draw so the ink won’t bleed when I splash on the watercolor.

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