Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Travel Inspiration


My inspiration for this new painting was our trip to the Netherlands this summer. We stayed in the lovely village of Enkhuizen in North Holland for five days at a lovely B&B. This was the view from our roof top terrace. Enkhuizen is the home of Zuiderzee museum, a port for many large sailing vessels, interesting dutch scenes, boats and canals. 

Field Workers

A friend of mine traveled to Bali last year and shared her beautiful photos with me. This particular painting was inspired 
by a portion of her photo of field workers in the rice paddies there. I am fascinated with the challenge of capturing workers from various cultures on canvas.


We biked across the Netherlands this summer. We began the bike trip in Bergen in North Holland by the North Sea, and biked southeast through, Alkmaar, Edam, Volendam, to Markem, then to Amsterdam, where I took the photo that inspired this painting while on a canal tour, going under a bridge. 

Lunch Break

This painting was also inspired by our 
bike trip through the Netherlands. We had to take a small ferry, only large enough for eight bikes at a time, across a small canal to the small village where we stopped for lunchThis small boat was tied along the bank next to the dock.The scene was so peaceful!